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The mighty

I think: how well we are represented by the person we become when we quietly let go of superstition and the things that keep us separated and hold tightly to what is real and binding. We are more than pieces of life ambling through the weeks in a year; we are parts of a whole.

Charleston moms blog

We have been delving into the world of eliminating added sugars and dyes and at least cutting back on gluten consumption by diversifying our grains. And when I say “we” and “our,” what I really mean is “me” because I’m the one buying and making all this stuff and hoping the people that live in my house will eat it. 


The southern coterie

So I understand why there are bunnies and reindeer and fairies and fanfare and fine Hungarian porcelain: because otherwise it is just another rainy day. We feel we are operating within the window of childhood and only have that much time to connect our children to past traditions, to history and family and faith. Because no matter what you believe, if you have traditions, you want them to carry over, to mean something, and you want your children to wait for them at least as excitedly as you did.